A Digital Business Card is a paperless business card that suffices all important information about you and your business in one place. It eliminates the need of people to fumble for your card when in need of your services. It also means prospective customers never lose your details. We help you build a ‘Digital Identity’ for your business with the most interactive, user-friendly and smart digital business cards.

Sailax digital business card share with anyone

Share with
Anyone, Anywhere

Introducing your business to anyone is just a click away

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Easy to Update

Any changes made will automatically get updated in already shared cards.

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Click to

Easily navigate people to your physical stores through Google Maps

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Saves time and money

Save time and cost of designing and printing paper business cards

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Reduces carbon footprint

Save two trees every year per 100 employees. Reducing cost and hassle with an eco-friendly alternate.




Create attractive-looking business cards within 20 seconds! Create multiple business cards within the same app, as per your work nature. Just sign-in, update all details and get-set-going.

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It’s important to go with the trend but also to maintain individualism for your brand. Create stylish business cards, customized according to your brand colors to keep the identity in-tact.

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Sailax Digital Business Card customize according to your brand aesthetics image



Sharing your business card with potential clients became easier than ever. And the best part is that it will never lose purpose!

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Sailax Digital Business Card connect by sharing image
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With digital business cards, our goal is to help small and large businesses ensure their efforts made to connect don’t go waste and to cut overhead expenses by providing an eco-friendly alternate solution that complements every organization’s social responsibilities.


A plan according to your needs

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Yearly Per User
Work Email IDs
Unlimited Cards
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Yue Pan

I am a student at Monash, Melbourne. To get a job, I would print tons of Resumes and hand them to employers. This was very tedious and time consuming. Now, after DBC, I have not only made my profile see more attractive and unique, I am able to share my Resume to 100s of employers at the click of the button.

MBIS Graduate

Nick Connor

I run a Car sales yard and we have employees always coming in and going out. We had ensured that we maintained one phone number that was passed on from the employee leaving to the one joining. But, despite this, I had to spend hundreds of dollars in printing new cards each time. Now, with Sailax DBC, I have considerably reduced my overhead costs. The biggest advantage to me was the fact that I could advertise all the cars that were for sale and change those ads as and when I want.

Business Owner

Channa Dassanayeke

I own a restaurant and we have different specials each day. Before DBC, I had no easy way of spreading the word. But now, all I have to do is take a picture of my special, add it to my DBC and all my customers will be able to see it instantly. I have received a sudden boost to my sales. Forever grateful to Sailax DBC

Owner, Red Hummingbird

Amy Dores

I used to often forget to carry my cards at meetings. Although, I would make a conscious effort to put some in my heavy wallet, they would run out at crucial junctures. When I was introduced to Sailax DBC, I was simply amazed. Not only did it solve my problem, I did not have to be stingy while distributing my cards to prospective customers.

Consultant, Java Planet


It’s an effective, efficient and an eco-friendly way of expanding your business’ reach. It’s easy to use and affordable. It’s helped cut overhead expenses of getting business cards printed for each one of my employees.


Meiying Liang

It’s made socializing at events, parties, exhibitions etc. hassle free. I no longer fear that the money I spent on getting business cards printed and efforts I invested in designing all its elements would be futile. It’s an amazing product. Every sensible person would be able to see the perks it has to offer.