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Welcome to Digital Business Card

We help you build a ‘Digital Identity’ for you and your business with the most interactive, user-friendly, and smart digital business cards. Read More…

Introduce yourself or your business in just a click. The best part, you can share it with anyone with or without the app. You can share it via email, text or WhatsApp

Social media links, blog articles, photos, ebooks, whitepapers, and much more can be attached to your digital business card. It’s your one-stop solution to sharing professional information.

Any changes made will automatically get updated in already shared cards.No more reprinting cards or wasting papers (money or card)

Pin yourself to the Google map and help your clients come find you.

Saves time and money of designing and printing the trendy business cards

With the help of our CRN, all you need is a photograph. Just take a snap of your physical business card and show them how it’s done.

By sharing your digital business cards you increase the traffic to your website and other links, basically marketing.

Record or upload a 90-sec video as a demo, explainer, or a promo video and instantly amplify your digital identity.

Incorporate your brand visuals, colors, contacts and social links and create a business card that’s top-notch

You can have multi-layered contact information and web URLs linked to your business card.


1. Create

Design your unique business card in less than 20 secs. Just sign in to update your Deetz and start hustling. Create as many cards as you like and update them anytime.

2. Customize

Choose a template that exudes your personality. Make it trendy and colorful or classy and businessy. Put on your boasting caps, link your social media handles, blog posts, articles anything, and make it your own.

3. Connect

Share your business cards with your potential client or use it as your resume, stay ahead of the game.

We aim to equip entrepreneurs and businessmen with a platform that will help them connect hassle-free and cut overhead expenses. An eco-friendly solution that also makes weight for your organization’s social responsibility.

Imagine this

You save 2 trees per 100 employees
You help provide an average of 520 pounds oxygen a year if you save 2 trees

Our lead Hustlers :

Now that you know how things work, what are you waiting for? Let’s create the most amazing business cards and build your clientele.

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