About Sailax Digital Business Cards

It’s simpler…smarter...and pretty obviously a part of the future!

The best way to go about anything is – keep it simple! That is exactly how and why the card was designed. We saw how business card had not evolved at all from the times they became a tool for business networking. As history has demonstrated time and again, one needs to keep up with the times, and the times are of all-things-smart (phone, watch & thinking in general).

As with any other tool, technology too is supposed to be an enabler and not something you have to toil with. It is with this simple logic the DBC app was produced. Not only does the Sailax DBC embody the mantra of simplicity, it raises the bar with a whole new set of features that the previous generation of Digital Business Cards couldn’t offer.

It’s a part of your digital footprint.

It’s not just a card. It is a part of your digital world. Just like your Social Network profile. It allows you to share the information you want with whom so ever you want. And it is with you al the time. On your phone and your comp.

Our approach - MIC drop.

Modern- Interactive- Convenient.
We aim to give you a digital identity by making your business cards smarter and interactive. This ups your game leaving a great first impression on your client. It is also a modern and convenient way to carry a business card.

Let’s switch the bunch with a wad of greenbacks.