Physical business cards don’t help make an effective first impression in a meeting.

Networking professionals operating on a large scale have always been the harbingers of new developments in business communication. Ever since the time the COVID-19 pandemic spread its tentacles over the entire world, business professionals have been continuously upgrading their modes of communication.

One such innovation coming out of the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is the digital business card. The new-age tool is here for good and has caught the imagination of businesses and individuals looking to make a lasting impression in their quest for securing new business and managing old contacts.

As an Event Marketing Report established in 2020, 95% of marketers believe that there is no substitute to offline events for achieving business goals. But, there is a drawback too – meeting and securing potential clients in person can be a tiresome process, more so when everyone has gotten so used to attending online network events post-COVID-19 era. This is where digital business cards have been able to carve a niche of their own as a mark of new-age professionalism.

In this blogpost, we are going to address why it has become absolutely essential to have your own personalized digital business card for moving ahead of the competition. Along with the analysis, this blogpost also explores some networking tips that you can follow after you have created your digital business card.

TIP 1: Put Emphasis on Your Creating a Unique Brand Identity

Let’s face the facts – no matter how good a marketer you are, initiating an interaction during a business event takes a lot more than confidence. It usually takes a lot of rejections and instincts for successfully pitching your products and services in front of an audience that knows you are here to sell something. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t become a deterring factor. To break the ice successfully, attract a potential client’s attention by investing in a E business card.

When it comes to networking, going digital has become a ‘just a few clicks away’ task, even when you haven’t really figured out your brand’s identity that generally reflects through trademark colors, font-styles and backgrounds. For overcoming these problems, you can simply scan your existing paper business card and use a background (customized or template) for creating an all-new electronic business card.

It is all about generating real value for a business prospect’s time. After you arm yourself with this great networking tool, attending networking events and sharing your individual or company’s credentials with prospective customers, investors and potential business partners becomes a piece of cake – YOU ARE JUST A TAP AWAY FROM NEWER HORIZONS!

TIP 2: Don’t Shy Away From Sharing Your Digital Business Card With Other Professionals

The secret to success at networking events is that you must not limit yourself to touching base with only those who belong to your industry or for that matter, only potential clients. Go beyond the apprehension of sharing your e-business card with everyone you meet. It is all the matter of staying on top of your game when it comes to socializing skills.

It all boils down to how you proceed with your networking skills and instincts. Use common points to start interactions – blueprint of most businesses are the same so it won’t be a problem finding common grounds for a fruitful conversation. Pass on you electronic business card while taking theirs (physical or digital). Do keep in mind that the people you share your e-business card with just need to scan your e-card’s QR code and don’t need a digital business card app for going through your personal details.

TIP 3: Sustainability is the New Buzzword in Business Circles

Statistics collected through surveys done by Global Meetings & Events Forecast suggest that 58 to 67 percent of business event participants are quite likely to talk about sustainability. In recent times, the corporate and business worlds have taken the onus of playing an active role in putting a check on environmental destruction and are incorporating green practices in the way they do business. Therefore, it is important for you to project yourself and the business you represent as a supporter of environment-friendly initiatives.

Imagine how embarrassing and detrimental it would be if you share a paper business card with someone and they ask you about the carbon footprint that is left by those paper cards.

The moment you share an ecologically-conscious digital business card (bamboo digital business cards of DBC are a rage amongst professionals) with your potential clients, you automatically show your support towards sustainable business practices. Now imagine using business cards made of plastic.

Moreover, giving out physical business cards don’t really guarantee a client conversion since they eventually end up in landfills – about 90% of them surely do. Going paper-free with digital business cards is all about keeping adept with the times and doing business in style.

Use your social media accounts to talk about your company’s commitment towards fighting the global warming crisis and for supporting NGOs and green initiatives. Going digital is not only the latest trend but something that ensures that you are increasing your chances of getting noticed and contacted in the over-crowded world of business.

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