Sales professionals can stay on top of their game only if they employ the latest practices. Here are 4 networking tip for them to start exceeding their sales targets.

TIP 1: Find Your Uniqueness & Start Using It
No matter what you are selling – something new or old – your pitch must bring out the uniqueness of both your product & your personality in general.  Once you find the right approach that separates you from the competition, use it every time a fresh networking opportunity presents itself. The more you fine-tune your approach, the more you’ll be noticed and remembered. You don’t need to say it out aloud that the product you are selling or you are unique, rather you should be able to generate real value for your prospect with your words. Once the right communication processes are implemented, success in sales networking circuits is virtually guaranteed in the future.

TIP 2: Never Shy Away From Reaching Out to Everyone You Meet

All sales professionals worth their salt spend a substantial amount of time with contemporaries of their own industry. It makes sense since in talking about your success stories, sales pain points & other commonalities you get a good exposure and a chance of evolving your sales game with valuable feedbacks. But, only talking to the peers in the same business as yours limit your chances of gaining valuable insights into the commonalities all businesses share.

Never limit yourself to initiating a conversation with only the ones from your line of work. Interact with professionals who hold the same organizational position as yours even if they belong to a completely different industry than the one you work in. By doing that you ensure that there are fresh insights for you to take from the business world as a whole. After all, knowledge is power!

TIP 3: Try Your Hand at Blogging

We all know that content is king these days. Sharing your insights and experience over a blog in sales with others ensures you build credibility in the market. Blogging also ensures you reach out to a lot more potential clients than you physically can or over a phone call. With a plethora of writing tools like Grammarly available for free on the web, curating a decent blog has become easy-peasy.

Share your blog links on your social media handles like, Twitter, facebook and most-importantly, LinkedIn where you’ll be able to grab eyeballs of sales pros and others from the industry. Make sure the content is fresh and adept with the times since readers are quick to assess whether you are enriching their knowledge base or merely blogging a dead horse.

TIP 4: Crank Up Your Sales Juggernaut by Going Digital

Let’s face it; handing out paper business cards at networking events is a thing of the past. The decisive factor that allows a sales professional to stand out in the ever-crowding sales ecosystem is his/ her ability to adapt to change quicker than the rest. Having a digital business card at your disposal shows your dedication towards upgrading your networking sweepstake. Digital business cards are not only hassle-free and stylish; they also enable you to cut down on costs of printing and re-printing visiting cards by the thousands. Moreover, electronic business cards allow you to pack-in more information than traditional business cards that too with NFC’s contactless sharing technology. Tap into limitless leads with a mere tap of an e-business card.

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