With the emergence of technology and so many different networking options and sites, one might doubt the importance of a traditional business card. Do you? If yes, awesome! If not, your perception might change by the end of this article.

Let’s talk about networking! Do you think that sharing personal or organizational contact information is of paramount / utmostsignificance when it comes to creating and maintaining professional relationships? Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become our primary source of connecting with family, friends, and acquaintances, thus relying lesser on conventional networking means. How can we forget LinkedIn! This professional networking site is an easy dial to several professional contacts at your comfort. Wait…Does this invalidate the importance of a business card, or do we need to adapt to the changing times?

Keeping in mind the gaining popularity of social media, a business card is very crucial for a professional connection. It is hands down CLASSY. Want to impress the opposite person? Hand over your business card for starters😉.It is a sign of professionalism and still has a significant value. A person who understands the significance of networking and professionalism will have a business card. It makes it simple for people to remember you. After the end of any networking event, I’m almost certain you would go back home and go through the brochures, pamphlets and business cards you’ve received – whether it is paper-based or shared digitally. A well-designed card will instantly grab attention.

Now you would think “why do I need a business card in an age dominated by digital media?” The point remains that a paper business card may not be the easiest or the fastest way to exchange contact information and connect with people, however, it is hands down mandatory to maintain a professional image. Many sites especially LinkedIn has revolutionized the way business professionals connect people. It’s simple, easy and convenient. A traditional paper business card would never be able to store that amount of information. Moreover, with the increase in global warming, climate change has become one of the most relevant issues our entire world is facing and CSR guys😉. Many environmentalists are searching for ways to create more sustainable practices to fight climate change. Some of you might have heard about the zero waste movement – a venture where many companies and people decided to choose a paperless option like digital business cards and e-signatures.


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