The first step in a successful networking journey is to create a professional and appealing digital business card. It is also critical to effectively distribute and promote your card. Discover the finest card distribution methods to ensure that your card maximises your networking potential.

Picture this: You’ve just finished designing a stylish digital business card that highlights your professionalism and unique value offer. The next step is to make sure your business card reaches the intended audience and has the desired impact. To accomplish this, you must properly distribute and market your card.

Many distribution and promotion opportunities are available with a digital business card (or virtual business card) that standard paper cards do not. Let us walk you through the best ways to distribute and advertise your virtual business cards.

Using these approaches will allow you to boost the visibility of your digital business card and reach more potential clients.

The most effective ways to share your digital business card:

  1. As a pass for Apple or Google Wallet

Sharing your digital business card as an Apple Wallet pass (or Google Wallet pass) allows you to network in a professional and modern manner. This allows you to go completely paperless while sharing your card with clients directly from your mobile devices.

  1. In the form of a QR Code

Another common way to distribute your digital business card design is to share them as a QR Code. Recipients can immediately access and save the card for future reference by scanning the QR Code with a smartphone or tablet.

  1. As a Hyperlink

You can also share the URL of your digital business card with your recipient via e-mail, social media handles, or any other means of communication that allows you to exchange links. Recipients can view and save your digital business card by just clicking the link.

5 Effective Strategies for Promoting Your Digital Business Cards

i) At Networking Events

Networking events can be a terrific way to grow your professional circle and meet new customers. However, with so many individuals sharing traditional business cards on these occasions, standing out can be difficult.

During networking events, this is where distributing your virtual business card in the form of Apple or Google Wallet passes comes into play.

Your customers can access and save your professional information on their mobile devices by scanning the QR Code on your Apple or Google Wallet pass. In addition, exchanging your business card through digital wallets showcases your tech proficiency and creates a memorable impact.

ii) Via your email signature

According to recent research, the vast majority(82%) of marketers use email signatures to increase brand awareness, 48% to drive traffic to their websites, and 34% to create more prospects.

If you are a professional who sends a lot of emails every day, your email signature is a great place to market your digital business card.

Instead of merely stating your name, title, or website URL, including a virtual business card in your email signature allows you to go beyond the essentials and convey as much information as you like.

It’s simple to add your digital business card to your email signature—you may do it as a QR Code or a URL. Discover how to include a virtual business card in your email signature.

iii) During Virtual Meetings

You can market your digital business card while attending virtual meetings by using a personalised virtual background.

Attendees may effortlessly scan your virtual background’s business card QR Code. They can then view and save your contact information, making it simple for them to reach out to you following the encounter.

To begin, grab and download your digital business card QR Code and paste it into your desired virtual background. It is a minor change that can have a significant influence on your virtual networking efforts.

iv) On Social Media Handles

Networking opportunities thrive on social media platforms. With a substantial global user base exceeding four billion, social media offers a remarkable chance to market and amplify the visibility of your virtual business card.

Here are a few strategies to advertise your digital business card using social media:

#1 Include a URL for your digital business card in your social media bios.
When people visit your profile on the internet, the first thing they see is your bio on social media (particularly LinkedIn). Including your card URL in your bio allows potential clients to quickly read and bookmark your contact information for future use.

#2 Promote your digital business card via a social media post.
A social media post is another technique to advertise your virtual business cards. You can post a picture of your business card QR code with a clear call-to-action in the text, urging potential clients or consumers to scan the QR code and access your card.

v) Using instant messaging applications

Assume a potential client sees your business’s name at a networking event and contacts you to learn more. How do you swiftly distribute information?

This is where your digital business card may help.

You have the option to share your digital business card URL conveniently through SMS or messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, avoiding the need for lengthy messages. Your recipients can immediately save your contact information by clicking the URL.

Sharing your virtual business card via instant messaging apps is a quick and easy approach to making a good impression and converting that initial inquiry into a fruitful business connection.

Boost your Networking Efforts with DBC’s Digital Business Card Solution

These are the most effective strategies to distribute and market your digital business cards.

Choose a virtual business card solution that gives you the most choices for distributing and promoting your card to maximise your networking efforts.

This is where DBC’s digital business card design shines—you can advertise and share your cards in all of the methods mentioned above with our solution.

When you share your card, you can record your recipient’s contact information right from the card, a feature known as two-way communication sharing. This allows you to collect leads directly from your digital business card.

Your recipient’s contact information will be saved as a lead entry in your digital address memoir, where you can view and manage all lead information. This address book can also be integrated with your company’s CRM platform.

Using DBC, you can scale your digital business card design and distribution without requiring you or your recipients to download any apps.

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