SheNetworks: Unleashing the Power of Women’s Networking to Overcome Gender Bias

In this 21st century, the gender gap between men and women has undoubtedly improved. However, it still exists in various aspects, including networking. Studies have shown that women’s networks are not as strong as men’s, leading to fewer opportunities and slower career growth. What is the root cause behind it? How Can Women indulge and benefit from Stronger networking? It is no secret that networking is an essential tool for professional growth and success. Though, most networking content available today is directed towards men and how they typically network, leaving women out of the conversation.

As a researcher of networking, we have noticed this significant gap in the networking world. Despite the differences in how men and women approach networking, women are still expected to network in the same way as men. This expectation can lead to further challenges for women in building effective networks. Ever thought of this, you might or might not have. Let us explore this in a quick yet detailed way.

Why do women have less effective networks?

Research conducted by the Kellogg School of Management found that women’s networks suffer due to various external and internal barriers. External barriers refer to reasons entirely out of women’s control, such as the lack of women in higher-level positions and men actively avoiding networking with women.

Internal barriers, on the other hand, are related to a lack of confidence and perception of relationships. Women tend to undervalue themselves and the value they can add to a professional network and the job market, leading to situations where they are less likely to ask for help and more likely to be undervalued.

Traditional networking methods can present barriers, particularly for women. Here comes the revolutionary solution to these challenges by allowing women to build strong networks and overcome gender bias with ease. Let’s explore how a smart card can unlock the power of women’s networks and unleash their full potential in the professional world.

The role of Digital Business Cards in overcoming networking barriers

Digital business cards can play an impressive role in helping women build connections at the ease of their comfort. By sharing their smart card with a click, women can overcome external barriers and reach out to a diverse range of professionals in their field. DBC also enables women to focus on building meaningful relationships and emphasising the value they can bring to a network, allowing them to overcome internal barriers and build strong, effective networks.

Get yourself a DBC card and revolutionise the networking growth

DBC offers a range of features that can help women build powerful professional connections, including the ability to share a digital card with a single click, the option to customise the design of the card to reflect their personal brand, and the ability to track interactions and follow up with contacts.

DBC smart card can also help women expand their networks by connecting with professionals outside their immediate circle, allowing them to tap into a diverse range of perspectives and expertise.

Tips for Effective Networking for Women

Networking strategies should be tailored to your personality, career goals, and individual preferences. However, there are a few tips that can benefit many women looking to build professional connections.

i) Keep it Small
Compared to men, women tend to build deeper relationships, which can suffer when networking on a large scale. A smaller network can help you develop stronger relationships with your connections.

ii) Network with Other Women
Studies show that women who network with other women tend to see more benefits than those who network with men. By connecting with women in your industry, you can get career advice and mentorship from someone who understands the unique challenges women face.

iii) Gather a Group
Creating a network of women can help empower everyone in the group to gain more connections. By bringing together a group of like-minded women, you can help each other make new connections and benefit from meeting their connections.

iv) Focus on Follow-up
Women tend to create deeper connections, and follow-up is crucial in building and maintaining strong relationships. Make sure to follow up with your connections and work towards developing a more meaningful relationship.

If you need help managing your network, there are resources available to help you. Check out the DBC blog for more networking tips and information.

Networking beyond boundaries

It is crucial for women to overcome gender bias and build powerful professional connections. With DBC, women can leverage digital tools to build a strong network of professionals and take their careers to new heights. By overcoming external and internal barriers, women can connect with other professionals, share their skills and expertise, and ultimately succeed in their career

So what are you waiting for? Download the DBC app for IOS & android respectively today and start unlocking the full potential of your professional network!

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