No matter what your profession may be (whether you are an artist, designer, a working professional or even a businessman), the Sailax DBC application is an extremely handy app that can be used as a design toolkit for creating customized and new-age virtual business cards.

DBC’s collection boasts many adaptable, creative templates that are ideal for any business, regardless of whether you’re a creative professional, working in the corporate world, or are an aspiring entrepreneur.

With just a few taps, you can alter the font, modify the appearance, and add or remove elements from your layout using our user-friendly application.

Features of Digital Business Cards Giving It An Upperhand

You might be aware of the several advantages that come with digital business cards. Some of the main perks are also listed below in this blog, but one of the main USPs of such  e business cards is the convenience of creating them on your own. This makes it 100% personalized and according to your preferences.

  • One Convenient Platform for Everything

The digital card app from DBC makes it quick and simple for developing any layout!

  • Numerous Options

There are many template designs available for any professional, removing the need to begin from scratch.

  • Instantaneous Cooperation

Creating, working together, and getting everybody on the same platform of involvement, all at once.

  • Upload An Image

Upload your photo to personalize the style of your business card. You may rapidly create a memorable design for your business card with the DBC application.

  • All-In-One App For Exporting & Sharing

With simple sharing and downloading choices, keep spreading the word.

  • Business Kit

For conveniently staying on-brand, saving layouts & designs, and even saving your digital business card. You can also create multiple electronic business cards for several different purposes.

  • Accessible On Any Device

Jump from a desktop to a mobile or vice-versa—create your workspace! People without the digital business card app can also view your business card as you share it with them. It works with iOS and Android cell phones in addition to all the latest smartphone devices.

  • Use Dynamic QR Codes to Increase Your Flexibility

We strongly advise employing dynamic QR Codes for your digital business cards, as stated among the Top Perks.

‘The ability to update information without having to reprint and re-distributing the card’

In case of any error in the information provided by you, or in case of any updation (for example updating your number), you are just a click away.

Remember how your traditional paper cards were wasted when in terms of updating data or errors in content? DBC values the money of its customers along with the environment, hence, save your cards from going to the drawers and waste bins, along with ensuring that fewer trees are cut for paper.

Create and Quickly Generate New Business Cards

With the Sailax digital business card app, you can effortlessly create stunning, high-quality business cards online in a flash. Pick and choose from a trendy selection of templates appropriate for all sectors, and receive speedy service for free. Make your business known by standing out from the rest.

Add Your Social Media and Website Handles For More Panache

By directing viewers to a specific landing page (your business card in this case) with information about your latest campaign or social media accounts, you may improve their effectiveness. The links and added information also add a lot of style to your communication. The best part is that these stunning landing pages are mobile-friendly and can be connected to your electronic business cards immediately.

Share Your Business Card With Just One Tap

A digital business card is a blessing for those professionals who desire a memorable first impression. Transmit your personal information quickly and easily by tapping, emailing, texting, or even posting it to social media sites.

Share your contact details digitally to have them saved immediately on a smart device. Always remain at the forefront of your audiences’ thoughts. The appropriate approach to communicating is not solely for in-person gatherings, but also for digital events and internet connections.

Bottom Line

DBC is the most popular electronic business card application on Google Play Store and the App Store. Everyone who has downloaded the app appreciates the unmatched features of DBC and the networking tool has become their go-to platform for digital business cards.

Individuals wishing to improve upon their personal experience of networking, or businesses seeking networking ease can utilize this amazing opportunity. DBC provides free and paid memberships to electronic business cards. It is a must-try innovation & is the kind of new-age technology that surely can create a memorable impact on your networking operations. Not only will it save you plenty of bucks, but will also help you in improving your sales and making you stand out among the masses whether in your industry or in general.

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