If you are an artist, an entrepreneur, a writer, or any other professional networking a skill that should be learned by all of us to be the best in our spheres of work. Networking is the one common thing for any working professional as well all need to build and spread around whatever we are creating. Just about all the professionals thrive on attention and in this world of attention-deficit habits making yourself unforgettable to your potential consumers is essential. Today at DBC we will offer you amazing tips that can prove to hike your brand awareness amongst the most potential crowd.

Revamp your Identity

Covid-19 has shown us a new phase of presentation. It has introduced the power of virtual presence hence the first piece of advice is to chuck your boring business cards and get you’re a new-age electronic business card. It’s a simple-to-use card that one can get for free by simply downloading the app from your play store and app store. The next few steps are self-explanatory as you download the app. It’s a premium range of services that you can get in one place. These are easy to circulate and it’s tough to forget when you can present your best work in a go. We ensure you that your client won’t stop scrolling through your profile.

Updated Frequently

In a world of trends, it’s easy to get popular overnight and then be a nobody the next day. This is exactly where DBC can rescue you. It’s time eliminate to the old ways of networking and choose what can keep you and your clients updated with your latest course, certificate, and skill that you have learned. Now you can’t communicate to your clients all the time about your achievements as let’s admit no one likes to hear anyone boasting. Hence, you need to announce your latest wins and achievements in as humble a way as possible. Some of these ways can be posted on social media, and updated on your LinkedIn.

Pro Tip: To make your skills and achievements more professional DBC would suggest that choose to sign up for electronic business cards. These cards are the best way to keep your professional profile engaging and attractive. You can customize it as per your needs as needed. Hence, if you get certified for anything today instantly add it to our digital business cards without the need for any technical expertise. 


If you wish to survive in this era of cut-throat competition then you can’t stick to the conservative ways of working. We are living in a time where things change quickly hence you have to be ready for the same if needed. There is no guarantee or certainty so this is your sign to adapt to the latest technology if you wish to excel in your professional life. Being able to adapt is the best set of skills and preparedness you can imbibe into your work culture. This is just another instance that hints toward trying out digital business cards as we consider a mix of new-age technology for impactful networking.

At DBC we offer a new-age greeting and introduction that will create an unforgettable impression in the mind of your potential client. It’s time to give it a shot as it costs you nothing at all. Pick up your phone and download DBC now on your android as well as your iPhone.

After knowing the three best skills for impactful networking with DBC let’s go through some quick benefits that you get by using an electronic business card by DBC.

  • Digital business cards are easy to carry everywhere be it to an event, meeting, golf match, or your recreational club.
  • These are easy to share with a single tap and they also eliminate the chance of being thrashed instantly like any paper-based business card.
  • Easy customize business cards offer you the freedom to fix your mistakes if any. You can update them when needed. Hence enjoy the tailormade experience as per your needs.
  • Sustainability is just another benefit. Every year millions are trees are cut to make paper. By switching to digital business cards you can save tons of paper and go sustainable as well as modern in your business mindset approach and we all know what is the environmental impact of the paper.
  • A unique style stamen follows for sure with this new-age networking tool. Where even today lots of people stick to paper cards it’s guaranteed that you will look unique as you circulate your digital business cards.
  • After the Covid phase let’s admit we all are very cautious about what we come in contact with. This business card is a smart approach to emulate all kinds of social free of transition any virus.

This contactless sharing can transform the way you work with DBC. Download our app and witness the growth yourself.

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