In this age of ever-growing technology and artificial intelligence, there is an advanced way of doing everything. New tech is ever-evolving to ensure that your potential consumers can’t forget you after coming across you and your brand. One such way of doing it is circulating your business card and an even better way is to share your electronic business card.

If you are looking for new-age networking technology in Australia or beyond then digital business cards are your solution. Out of many things that we have learned due to the global health crisis, some of them are maintaining hygiene, less physical contact, choosing technology to save resources, and maintaining independence from the physical barriers. DBC, an Australian agency, focuses on all these standards while developing the latest strategy for networking with electronic business cards.

An e-business card is highly influential in the modern world of hustlers. A virtual card means all your necessary details are on a virtual platform that is omnipresent and easy to circulate with a single tap. At DBC we educate professionals to go one step ahead of their competitors by using the latest technology in their favor. The modern-day electronic business cards are designed to make an impression on your customers they can’t forget. Various elements are bright under one roof by DBC to offer you an ideal electronic business card.

Fun Fact: A study has concluded that about 78% of small to medium business owners benefit from their online presence.

The future is digital and as we speak of the business cards no one can stop them from turning virtual with the coming up of social media channels and existing as well as upcoming digital reality.

 Electronic Business Cards: An Introduction

What is a Digital Business Card?

A Digital business card (also known as an electronic business card and virtual business card) is a smart online means of sharing your information professionally. You can simply create your digital business card on any smart device like Android, iPad, iPhone, or PC. Unlike typical business cards, digital business cards are easy to customize, share and design. In the modern times of fast-growing technology, the face of networking is transforming too.

Why Digital Business Cards By Sailax DBC?

An electronic business card by DBC is the new-age business card that helps you go paperless and makes your presence in the world accessible 24/7 digitally. It’s a smarter way to carry and share your business card. At DBC we ensure that you have access to the latest technology to communicate which makes you more interactive. It’s also a convenient way to carry your business card. They don’t have space constraints hence they offer the freedom to add anything and everything to your virtual profile like a photo, video, social media handles, PDFs, etc.

As the entire world is gradually turning to digital ways of life it’s undeniably true that digital business cards are the present and will eliminate paper cards in the future. At DBC we believe that this reason is good enough to start your journey of digital business cards.

Unleash The Digital Beast With Digital Visiting Cards

As we speak of the electronic business cards consider your personality as beast ties with ages-old ways of networking. As you switch to an electronic card you unleash yourself into the latest tech and trends. You conquer networking as an electronic business card has a lot to offer.

How are Digital Business Cards Time-Saving?

In a fast-paced world who doesn’t like to save a couple of hours without compromising the quality of your smart digital business card influence.

What are the Demerits of a Physical Business Card?

Step 1: Looking for a designer and publisher.
Step 2: Choose the design you like and place the order.
Step 3: Get the cards delivered after a few days or you go to pick them up.

The entire process takes a minimum of a week to get your digital business card in your hand. Let’s also discuss the next few steps. You offer your business cards to your potential clients, but most of them are tossed in bags or trash within a few hours. In a couple of months, you run out of your physical business cards and then the cycle of choosing, publishing, and distribution goes on.

 How does a Digital Business Card Make Life Simpler?

Technology is made to make our life simpler and the faster we leave our old school ways and choose the latest way of the business we start flourishing too. The process of getting your paper-based business card is tedious. Now here is a trick to get your dream business card in just 10 minutes.

Grab your smart device, download the DBC app and make your business cards yourself by adding anything and everything you wish to add and that’s it! You have created sophisticated virtual business cards to impress your clients. The best part is the amount you spend on physical business cards is way more than a digital business card expenditure.

The digital business cards at DBC are free of cost. You can experience digital luxury without spending any penny. Or you may opt for a premium or customized enterprise plan to unlock additional features of digital business cards designed for a large team.

Accessibility & Ease With Digital Business Cards:

Electronic business cards are quick to access and even faster to share. These tech driven virtual cards are a one stop solution for all business networking needs. A card loaded with all your essential information can be shared with a single tap. Your clients can access your profile in their time. Making an electronic card is a matter of a few minutes only unlike the process of publishing physical business cards. 

Are Digital Business Cards Cost-Effective?

Choosing an electronic card over a physical card is cost-effective and attracts clients. When you choose an electronic card the cost of printing and designing is saved. You spend your money on a design by professionals. Hence, the overall cost of making a digital business card is less. You will end up spending thousands of dollars on the publishing of your business cards which will be forgotten within a few minutes of distribution. 

Digital Business Cards Adding to the Personality

If you wish to form an image that your potential consumers don’t forget easily then you must ensure that your business cards radiate the charisma you carry in your personality. Making your virtual identity as powerful as the real one is the need of time. 

Digital Business Cards Application (App)

We live in an era where we exist in all corners globally without even being there. Hence, it’s important how people see and perceive us even when we are not physically around. As you enter the DBC universe you will get some of the best services at zero cost. It’s an opportunity unleashed at your App Store as well as Play Store.

Create an Electronic Business Card

  • Go to the Play Store and install the DBC application.
  • Sign up with your mail id which is used for your business purpose.
  • After signing up register yourself for biometric
  • Update your Profile by filling up your contact details, DOB.
  • YAY!, you have now become a member of the DBC application, and now enjoy all the services provided by us.
  • You will find various types of DBC cards wherein you have to just share your company details like Name, company, designation, email address, contact number, and a professional photo.
  • Get customized Digital business cards as per your requirements.

Virtual Business Cards Creating Plans

At DBC we offer three plans. One is a zero-cost digital business card, a premium plan and the last one is an enterprise plan made for large teams.  The free plan offers the following must-try services:

  • One free business card
  • Unlimited shares to everyone
  • Unlimited contacts
  • IOS & Android
  • Share your best pictures & videos
  • Offers color customization
  • Add a bio to your cards
  • Offers a business video header

Creating a Digital Business Card For Free

Download the free digital business card app by Sailax on your Android phone from the play store and iOS from the App store and receive your business card on your phone which can be shared on any digital platform or in email signature too.

These zero-cost features are a must-try for anyone who wishes to switch to the virtual ways of associating with your consumers. Such a trial will help you figure out if the subscription plans are for you and the way it helps you flourish your business and brand through virtual networking. DBC is your one-stop solution as we speak of virtual business cards. 

Sharing Your Virtual Card Immediately & effectively

How Can I Share an Electronic Business Card?

Electronic Business Cards Can be Transferred/Shared via Social Media, Direct Messages, QR Codes, or Simple Emails.

They are catchy and one can’t simply toss them in the trash. The digital business cards go directly to the receiver’s direct messages. Like this, a new contact is integrated smoothly into the workflow. They are more manageable, effective, efficient, and impactful.

No matter whether you are new or old to the concept of digital business cards, here are a few ways to promote yourself with e-business cards. You can attach it to any cold text or email. It’s a guarantee that even if the consumer misses out on the text of the mail he or she will check out your profile as present in your business card.

Can Digital Business Cards be Shared With Smart Watches?

Yes, your electronic business/visiting cards can be shared with smartwatches.

Formal parties and meetings are not the only way to socialize. Imagine going to a yoga or gym class and meeting someone with similar business interests. It’s highly unlikely that you will carry a business card in the gym but with your DBC having your back you can share your digital card just with your smartwatch or any other smart device.

 Virtual Business Cards For Online Business Meetings

DBC Virtual Business Cards Can be Sent Via Microsoft Teams, Zoom Calls, Regular Text, and iMessage or Google Meet.

Since online meetings are the new normal there is denying that the future is only to be more dependent on virtual reality. To beat the competition in the tech world, flourishing along the same lines is important. So, whenever you are set for your next meeting make sure you are ready with a business card that can be circulated through meet channels.

Mostly the business cards are shared when you get an opportunity of meeting an individual personally. Digital business cards are different and make a huge difference in the way you can circulate them. They help in building connections that are more robust and tell about your latest achievements to the consumer instantly. 

Since it’s still a new technology used for networking, it will offer you more attention as you will stand apart in the crowd. These cards also deal with the situation exceptionally well when there are norms of social distancing implemented. The physical business cards are a barrier to the new age connection building as they are restricted by distance and physical absence.

Keep your Clients Updated With Virtual Cards

At DBC we blend your achievements and our cutting-edge technology to sculpt the best of your personality on virtual platforms. DBC offers the smartest digital business card that can convert your meets into leads without any necessary physical presence. If you are looking to reshape your image amongst the consumers who matter to you then choosing the right partner for your digital business card is mandatory. 

Showcase your Achievements With Digital Business Cards

Suppose you got your cards published and the next day you win an award. Won’t you prefer that your business cards reflect your new hard-earned achievements? Since your business card is physical this is a shortcoming, it suffers from. Such a situation will be effortlessly handled by DBC digital business cards. No matter when and what you achieve everything can seamlessly be reflected on your business card

As you unlock a new achievement add it immediately to your business cards with electronic business cards. You can simply change the old details and update your electronic cards with your latest achievement of yours. Like this, you don’t have to personally ping your clients with your new details, skills, and ventures.

Creating Digital Business Card With Latest Technology

At DBC we tackle the biggest limitation of a business card. Our digital business card ensures that you update all your latest achievements and expertise on your card as soon as you grab it. At DBC we ensure that such minor limitations are fixed by us seamlessly.

Unveil the Untapped Opportunities With Sailax DBC

Our objective is to present all of you and your expertise to people who might be out there looking for you. DBC offers you a platform that helps in giving you access to a gateway of opportunities that lies through the virtual world. We help you connect with people who might have something to offer you and your brand.

Digital Business Card Size and Space

Digital business card is saved as a contact phone (vCard) which is just 1kb. However, the size for the desktop is around 880 px which automatically gets resized as per the device.

As we speak, your virtual identity is elaborative and even brief at the same time. Whereas, a physical business card comes with limited space and restricts you from adding significant information. A physical visiting card can’t fill with much information other than your job and contact number at max.

As you switch to electronic business cards you get access to attach anything and everything to your business cards. Add a link to your videos, attach a ppt and pdf, or simply your social media handle to your Virtual Business Card.

It offers an option to the viewer to know less or more about yourself. A small piece of card might not be enough to make your presence unforgettable. Hence, a digital business card is for everyone who is waiting to express themselves on the virtual model. It’s beyond your regular business card, it’s an interactive platform to create your digital identity unforgettable, impactful, and powerful at the same time.

Features of Sailax DBC Business Cards in Australia

As you choose DBC there are tons of features that you unlock with these digital business cards. Some of these amazing features are unlimited shares, access to the gallery, sharing your personalized content, don’t restrict to your designation but sharing your bio, exporting through Gmail, and offering a QR code scanner too.

How can I Attach an Electronic Business Card to a Presentation?

Create a scannable name tag with DBC and attach it where you can to open the opportunity wide for yourself. Use your electronic cards in the presentation and attach them as you send out the same to your potential customers. Socialize the digital way with Sailax DBC.

Impact of Physical Business Cards on Earth

Do you know about 9 billion business cards are printed annually in Australia? Even though environmentally brutal, more than 500,000 trees are cut down each year to produce business cards. It’s still a new concept to use recycled paper to make business cards because minds can’t comprehend the impact a little business card can have on the Planet. Once these business cards are published it’s astonishing to know that about 88% of these cards are tossed in the trash without even referring to them.

Virtual Business Cards are Eco-Friendly

This is clear that paper business cards are not an environment-friendly way to network around for your gains. As we switch to digital business cards all these limitations involved with a paper business card are already taken care of. Virtual business cards are an advanced way to take care of your brand and planet together. Even though it’s an unpopular opinion in the world of business, taking care of our planet is our responsibility. Simply switching from paper to digital business cards will help us save a huge part of our essential forest cover.

Making a Difference in Environment With Virtual Visiting Cards

If we all join the club then we all can together make a huge difference with this green approach. Making networking green is simple, effortless, and impactful if done together. No matter how significant the practice of paper-based business cards was to you, nothing is as important as the nature around us. Switching to digital business cards by DBC is a more tree-loving as well as an entire planet-loving approach. As we progress in life a huge part of sustainability is forgotten and the only thing we remember is hustle & profit. It’s high time to understand an implied responsibility to serve the planet without personal gains.

Explore the DBC Website today and make this cruelty-free switch to excel in your life without letting go of your values.

After coming across so many benefits of digital business cards let’s go through the amazing business card amenities you can benefit from if you partner with DBC, Australia. There are three types of plans that you can choose from as you explore the DBC website or app. The first plan is free, the second one is premium and the last one is an enterprise plan.

Sailax DBC: Creating Digital Business Cards Plans

Free Plan to Create Digital Business Card

After you have downloaded the DBC app and you choose to make the digital business card you get access to one card. You can freely share that card with as many people as you wish to and with unlimited contacts.

The business card that is being made from DBC is compatible with IOS & Android apps. Your business card can be synced with your gallery and you can also upload customized videos and photos. The cards by DBC offer an option to choose from 3 different color selections. Chuck the idea of small titles and speak out loud with the bio and let the world know you and your work. There is also an option to attach a business video header.

Premium Plan to Create Digital Business Card

The next plan is a premium plan by DBC to unlock the premium features of your business to the digital business cards. This premium business card plan made by DBC is compatible with IOS & Android apps. Offers a variety of business card templates. There are multiple features supported by it like CRM integration, export cards to Gmail, business card scanner, QR code scanner, and multi-layer options too. Your business card can be synced with your gallery and you can also upload customized videos and photos. The cards by DBC offer an option to choose from 3 different color selections. Chuck the idea of small titles and speak out loud with the bio and let the world know you and your work. There is also an option to attach a business video header.

Enterprise Plan to Create Digital Business Card

The last plan is an enterprise plan that offers you the freedom to customize as you want. It’s generally used for a larger agency that also involves a large team. 

Select your plan to create a digital business card as per your need.

 How Does a Digital Business Card Help Your Brand?

Now that you are all laced with the right networking weapon let’s discuss some ways through which you can digitize as well as make your brand popular without any physical business card.

  1. Distribute your business card the smart way. Gone are the days when you have to carry a stack of cards to every professional event. The smart digital business card can be promoted via text, email, QR code, etc. You can simply impress your potential consumers with a unique business card that follows you smart with your smart devices.
  2. Add your business card to your presentations this will open the opportunity to even attract the customers who might not be willing to communicate with you before knowing you a little. It’s a gateway to people who are introverted in interaction but excel at work. With the digital business card, you can unleash opportunities that are lying dormant.
  3. Add this to your professional profile and share it via Zoom meets and Google meets. This is a very subtle way to speak about yourself without really speaking out loud. The moment you add the QR code to your background of meeting you have already faced making an impact in the meeting.

    Digital Business Cards Are for Everyone

    As we see, paper-based business cards are used by professionals only to limit the kind of professional a person follows. As you chose DBC digital business cards a lot of myths and stereotypes are busted. No matter who you are or what your profession is, digital business cards are for everyone. From business owners, and entrepreneurs to an artist we treat all professions equally. All professionals are important to thrive and make our professional ecosystem balanced.

    At DBC we believe all professions are essential and equally respected. Hence is a pro tip from one professional team to another hustling professional. No matter what you do, grab your own digital business card today as you deserve it. Circulate it everywhere for better job offers, to parent and collaborate better. The world’s a stage and is confident in your performance. While you perform your professional play do it right with DBC digital business cards.

    Even though it’s often said that a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover, the reality is we all are judged and we all judge too. Hence while the game is on why not win it the best way. Create a professional digital profile to show the audience what you have to offer. With DBC digital business cards we banish excuses and work on what we can control and execute. Your personal profile is a powerful tool to express what you can do and also to demand your worth. All your life’s work deserves to be reflected on your profile to get you the best opportunities in the present moment. You deserve to thrive in the new age with the new age branding weapons. Choose your destiny by making it yourself.

    Digital Portfolio for Freelancer or Enterprize

    A digital portfolio will give you the freedom to offer more information about your work and yourself to the employers or collaborators than a cover letter, resume, or physical business card could ever express. New heights can be unleashed as you change the way you roll when it’s about networking and socializing. Choose your best work and highlight them to the world through digital business cards.

    You work so hard and often your profile is underrated by yourself, this ignorance puts all your hard work down the drain. Download the DBC app today from the app store or play store. DBC plans will cost you zero for beginners and also offers you the freedom to explore premium features. The steps to make your own digital business card is simple and self-explanatory as you download the app. What are you waiting for to get your hands on the best and excel in your professional life by networking right with DBC.