Your hot ticket to professional stardom.

Stay in touch with the times…Share professional information at the tap of a card
Stay ahead of the times…Share professional information with a tap of a card


The most cutting-edge Digital Business Card

The revolutionary new way of getting ahead in the professional game

DBC is an open-source Digital Business Card and contact management app for growing your professional network in the new-age business environment.

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is the newest way of sharing contact information that uses the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. It enables the user to create virtual/ electronic business cards that are more information-packed, interactive, cost-effective, and environment-friendly than its paper or plastic counterparts. Sharing information with anyone and anywhere is now a mere tap away. DBC, the revolutionary new product from the House of Sailax can be created on an iOS, Android or a computer and is easily customizable to put together all your business or professional information, that too according to a style-guide that you like.

How does a DBC digital business card work?

DBC digital business cards and app are free, fully-customizable, and shareable with anyone with an Android or iOS phone. The best part is that for a DBC digital business card a person doesn’t need an app for receiving one.

As soon as you sign up on iOS, Android or a computer, you can create and customize your DBC virtual business card. The technology we use allows you to create multiple cards with different information embedded in each card, that too in any language. Create a card for work contacts, clients, customers and also ones for your friends and acquaintances.

The most-advanced contactless business cards on the buyosphere

Since a DBC digital business card has a contactless mode of application, it is a product that raises the bar of doing business in the post-Covid 19 era. Using a DBC card allows you to update your information on the go and share it with a single tap. DBC cards are designed to accept videos, work portfolios, along in a design template of your liking.

Personalize your DBC card to reflect your brand image

Physical business cards, resumes and portfolios were limiting a professional’s ability to provide more information than the bare minimum. With DBC cards, you can incorporate your accreditations in detail; add pictures and videos that give a more dynamic appeal to your information-transfer. You can also include your social media accounts, company logos, PDFs, Yelp page, Venmo and much more. DBC cards and app are loaded with features that truly set them apart from similar cards and apps available on Google Play and App Store.

Share your professional information with anyone, anywhere

With a DBC digital business card, you can share your professional details and credentials with anyone, even if they don’t have the DBC app. The ease of sharing is such that there are multiple ways one can share information with. They include:

QR code




Link sharing

NFC tag

Apple watch

Why should you choose DBC?

DBC boasts of more features and a smoother user-experience than its predecessors in the market. Along with being the forerunner in digitally-enabled technologies for the business world, DBC provides digital assets that make it the ideal tool for individuals and enterprises looking to leave a lasting impact on the ultra-competitive world of business.

With a host of options available within Brand DBC, one can choose free or premium digital business card subscriptions. DBC cards also come in a lot many environment-friendly options like cards made out of bamboo that look tasteful and innovative. It is no fluke that DBC is the preferred digital business card for subscribers across countries like the U.S., Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many more.

Digital cards for teams

DBC cards offer subscription plans for corporate teams and businesses of all sizes. Customer support teams of DBC assist businesses in structuring brand management, automating processes and promoting paperless interaction to drive the sustainability initiatives of modern corporate setups. Your teams would appear ultra-professional armed with DBCs.

The most secure digital business card

DBC cards and app are SOC 2 compliant and use the safest technologies for protecting customer data. We associate with independent security experts for ensuring our card and app has high-end security features for privacy and compliance controls. Your data is continuously monitored by our security teams so that a foolproof compliance is achieved.

Our software and app developers, along with our security associates work tirelessly to provide a glitch-free, safe user experience for you. We keep track of and monitor all the 120 controls incorporated in the functioning of the digital business card and app. All DBC employees are mandated to participate in annual security trainings and tests to bring in the latest practices digital platforms employ when it comes to handling sensitive information of our customers.