Why is consistent branding important for a business?

Why is consistent branding important for a business?

Coca Cola, Xerox, Apple, Nike! Aren’t these brand names now synonymous to the product itself? Apple means Iphone, and if you need a photocopy, you’re just asking for a Xerox!Building a brand image takes a lot of effort and dedication. A crucial aspect is maintaining the same frequency and tone of voice. Frequency here means the rate at which the brand advertises itself and or has a new campaign to its name. Tone of voice is the overall sentiment, for example a concentrated detergent brand should have an overall rough tone for customers to feel its powerful at removing tough stains while a baby wipes brand should maintain an overall soft and delicate tone, Eg: The iconic ‘I’m lovin’ it’, I’m sure you heard the para pa papa!. The overall aim is to bring a specific set of feelings to customers through marketing consistency across all channels. It should be noted that the content should be reliable and consistent as well to bring the same feeling out in customers every single time. When multiple people have access to control the pattern and tone of the brand, there is space for flaws in marketing consistency and content – an issue which can cause the brand name to deteriorate. It’s safe to say, the more consistent and uniform branding; the easier it is for customers to recognize the brand. Here are the main reasons why a business needs consistent branding.

Recognition of the Brand

We all have walked past billboards or seen advertisements on TV and immediately recognized which brand it is before it is disclosed, for example Coca-Cola, Apple products, etc. This is a very apt example of consistent marketing and recognition. The big brands keep their status and recognition at its peak through the quality and frequency of their content. Imagine an advertisement with the colour red and a signature coke bottle with the tagline – “Taste the feeling.” Our minds immediately link the advertisement to Coca-Cola. Why? Because we have seen the same signature red coke colour, coke bottle and the tagline probably multiple times across different media streams.In simpler words ‘Recall Value’. On the other hand, if a business posts some content at the same time each day, but doesn’t have a consistent handle or logo across different platforms, a customer might notice this discrepancy and probably not purchase a product they sell. To summarize a brand with distinct marketing and brand consistency will easily be recognized – helping the business save time, effort and money!

Building brand awareness

We all are less likely to purchase from a brand we know nothing about. Consistent branding, content scheduling and frequency helps to popularize a brand in the market. Ensuring uniform visual and digital content is an easy way to help customers know what to look for. The logo placement, quality of pictures and colour scheme should be consistent, making the customer aware of the brand, helping him to easily recognize the brand – a win-win situation for any business.Let’s make this simple for you, What comes to your mind the minute you see a little crocodile on the pocket corner of a shirt?

Creating Trust

Trust is something most of hold very dearly. Would you have faith in someone who regularly didn’t pick up your call, cancelled plans and wasn’t reliable? NO! Based on a recent survey, there is a 71% more chance that customers will buy products from a brand they trust – amazing odds for any business. Thus much like a relationship, creating a trust-worthy image is crucial to a business. Reputation is one of the sole most important aspects of any successful brand. Uniform colour scheme, reliable content and consistent marketing – all help to build trust.

Increased Profits

Some statistics – increased profits due to consistent branding is 23%. Keeping brand colours consistent increases brand recognition by 80%. Customers prefer brands they have heard about, know and those which are reputed. Small efforts in the beginning stages of building a brand will have amazing results in the long run. A set of guidelines to follow is key to creating a successful, trustworthy and reputed brand – generating more profits for a business.

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